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In the fast-paced realms of tech, IT, construction, textiles, and the industrial sector, Canadian employers navigate a complex hiring landscape. That's where I come in, armed with expertise and a knack for simplifying the intricate.


I provide a full spectrum of recruitment services, meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of these ever-evolving industries. From identifying top talent to enhancing your recruitment strategies, my aim is to make the hiring process as smooth and efficient as possible, ensuring your company not only finds but secures the movers and shakers it needs to excel. Whether you're in growth mode or looking to innovate, I'm your go-to for recruitment solutions that align with your ambitions.


On the flip side, for the tech wizards, engineering maestros, and all-around support geniuses, charting a career path in these fields can seem like navigating a maze. That's where my platform and services come into play, lighting the way to a plethora of opportunities across Quebec and Canada. Whether you're a local gem or a newcomer eager to make your mark, I'm committed to connecting you with positions that not only match your skills and dreams but also push your career to new heights. Let's embark on this journey together, creating a thriving ecosystem where talent meets opportunity, leading to shared success.

Aymen Mrad, with 15 years of recruitment experience across various sectors, is the visionary founder of and co-founder of both BINCOD and His work spans the intersection of technology, immigration, and global employment, showcasing his commitment to bridging the global skills gap.


Through, Aymen offers insights into tech immigration, while BINCOD serves as a hub for tech professionals, and connects global talents with international job opportunities.


His efforts aim to facilitate the flow of skilled labor across borders, reflecting a deep understanding of the dynamics of global talent mobility and the digital transformation of industries. 

Aymen's approach combines strategic career planning with a keen insight into job market trends, making him

a sought-after authority in career strategy and talent acquisition. Through his personal platform,, he shares valuable advice and reflections on navigating the job market, empowering professionals to leverage their skills meaningfully.


His leadership and hands-on commitment to global employment challenges highlight his role as an influential figure dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve their full career potential, shaping the future of employment on a worldwide scale.

I had the pleasure of working alongside Aymen and I was able to witness firsthand how he inspired confidence in our clients and respect from his peers. His good nature, leadership skills, and business savvy mindset will surely make him an asset wherever his (already brilliant) career leads him. He will be missed by our team. 

Aymen is a reliable manager. I have been working with him during different periods and on different topics, in both business and human resources roles and I always had the impression that he is a very energetic person able to plan activities and to deliver results.

M. Aymen Mrad is one of the wonderful person I've ever met in my work experiences. He has excellent professional and relation skills, and he can manage a team and obtain the best results from people thanks to his natural charisma and his big humanity.

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